Siobhan Campbell

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Tags: SATs and other advisory groups
Related theme: Energy

Siobhan Campbell is Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Central Research Team in the Department for Transport (DfT). She oversees the central science, social & behavioural, and evaluation teams, with an interest in the Future of Mobility; building science, research and innovation across the transport sector; and the evidence required to help us decarbonise transport. Siobhan is the deputy head of the UK Government’s Social Research profession (GSR), helping provide leadership and direction to government’s 1,500 GSR members. Prior to DfT, Siobhan worked in a number of government departments, including the Department of Energy and Climate Change, HM Treasury, the Scottish Government and the Home Office, on a wide range of policy and research areas. She has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Glasgow.