Dr Sergey Dolgov


Sergey Dolgov

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Job title: Postdoctoral researcher
Organisation: University of Bath
Tags: Fellowship: Previous Fellow, Researcher
Related theme: Mathematical sciences


Since my graduate studies in 2010 I have been working on tensor product methods and multi-linear algebra with applications. I received my PhD in August 2014 at the University of Leipzig, Germany, and am now a Postdoctoral Researcher and moved to the Max Planck Institute in Magdeburg, as a postdoctoral researcher.  Since 2016 I am working as a research fellow at the University of Bath.

My Fellowship

Mathematical models of quantum effects or uncertainty are hugely expensive - the lifetime of the Universe could be not enough to solve them straightforwardly. However, many such problems exhibit structure that if exploited in numerical methods can significantly reduce computational costs.

I am developing new methods that reveal hidden low-dimensional structures using classic mathematical approaches, such as the separation of variables. This fellowship and the support of the research group in Bath allow me to focus my efforts on breaking the complexity of high-dimensional models, and opening them for routine use in the computer-aided simulation.

Career benefits of Fellowship

This fellowship gives me an opportunity to focus on independent research on tensor product algorithms, but with an extensive collaboration with other experts in both methods and applications.
This will help me to become a leader in mathematics of high-dimensional simulation.

The fellowship also allows me to join the Numerical Analysis Group in Bath, one of the strongest NA  laboratories in the UK, having broad links with other institutions and industry and a large overlap with my research. This will foster dissemination of tensor methods and open a way for me to establish my own group on this topic.