Samantha Chadwick

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Job title: Head of Partnerships
Organisation: BBC
Tags: SAN

As Head of Partnerships at the BBC, I lead on our partnerships for research and innovation. Tackling challenges for the creative industries with experts and practitioners from academia and industry is our focus. By working closely with funding bodies, we share the outcomes of our discovery and translational research with wider industry for public good, commercialising our IPR for revenue generation. With our diverse partners we work on problems at scale for paradigm shifts in technology and business models to future proof the BBC as well as shorter-term more tactical innovations. Continuously upskilling our staff and ecosystem of suppliers/users is critical for our next generation workforce; through R&D partnerships we nurture people that bridge physical and social sciences and engineering and human factors.  

I have spent my career at the interface between industry and academia. Over eleven years at the BBC I have worked with the wider research community, serving as a REF Impact Assessor, sitting on Research Council panels, influencing Government’s funding priorities, and advising industry forums. I have previously managed the private sector agendas for the universities of Lancaster and Manchester as well as co-founding a spin-out company from UMIST, growing it over 8 years, establishing surface analysis laboratories Europewide.