Dr Ross Hatton


ross hatton

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Job title: Associate Professor
Division: Department of Chemistry
Organisation: University of Warwick
Tags: Energy, Fellowship: Early Career Fellowship, Fellowship: Previous Fellow, Researcher


I received my PhD in Chemistry from Nottingham University in 2003 before joining Surrey University (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) as a research assistant, and the award of a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship (2007-2012). In 2008 I transferred to Warwick Chemistry, where I am currently an associate professor.

My Fellowship

Photovoltaics convert sunlight directly into electricity and form an increasingly important part of the global renewable energy landscape. This fellowship gives me the time and resources needed to develop a transparent electrode matched to the needs of the emerging generation of thin film photovoltaics, and potentially a number of other important energy related applications.

Motivation to Apply

Climate change driven by global warming is the greatest challenge of our time, and photovoltaics will undoubtedly have a major part to play in helping to address this challenge. I was motivated to apply for an EPSRC Early Career Research Fellowship because I saw it as and excellent opportunity to focus my research on an important area for the advancement of thin film photovoltaics, at a time when developments in this field are urgently required.

Career benefits of Fellowship

The award of an EPSRC early Career Fellowship gives me the time and resources needed to deliver on my ideas and to develop the collaborations required to achieve the commercial and academic impact to establish me as a world leader in my chosen area.

Advice for future applicants

Contact the EPSRC before writing your proposal to determine your suitability for a particular category of fellowship (for example, Early Career). Choose an area that you are passionate about and which you are uniquely positioned to make an important contribution to. Ask for the resources that you need to deliver the ambitious goals of your proposed project – no more, no less. Do not shy away from high risk high reward research, although ensure that you have a plausible plan B and track record of innovate/adventure in your research.