Professor Richard Catlow

Richard Catlow

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Job title: Professor of Chemistry
Organisation: University College London
Tags: RISE, RISE: Fellow, University College London

Professor Richard Catlow’s research has focused on the field of computational and experimental studies of complex inorganic materials. His group has pioneered a wide range of applications of computational techniques in materials chemistry to systems and problems including microporous and oxide catalysts, materials for applications in energy technologies and silicate minerals. This applications programme has been supported by technique and code development, including recent work on embedded cluster methodologies for application to the study of catalytic reactions.

The computational work has been firmly linked with experimental studies, using both neutron scattering and synchrotron radiation techniques; and in the 1980s he led the development of the diffraction facilities at the Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source. He has also led several initiatives concerned with the exploitation of High performance computing (HPC) in chemistry and physics. Recently, he has played a major role in helping to establish the “UK Catalysis Hub” - a coordinated national programme in catalytic science with a physical hub in the Research Complex at Harwell. His work continues to have strong interactions and collaborations with UK and international industry.

Professor Catlow's research has led to over 800 publications, and in 2004 he was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society. He is currently Professor of Chemistry at University College London.