Dr Piers Barnes

Piers Barnes

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Job title: EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow
Organisation: Imperial College London
Tags: Imperial College London, RISE, RISE: Rising Stars

After a career which has included drilling and measuring ice with the British Antarctic Survey and working on solar fuels as a postdoctoral fellow in Australia, Dr Barnes is now an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow at Imperial College London. Dr Barnes's research is in the measurement and simulation of photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical devices for solar electricity and fuel production.

Dr Barnes's aim is to exploit charge transport, kinetic and energy transfer phenomena to create devices with new material combinations and architectures for applications in solar energy conversion, sensing and organic-inorganic electronics.

What advances in science and technology would you like to see?

I'm hoping to be part of the movement to develop renewable energy technology that is cheaper to use than fossil fuels. I believe this would result in a huge shift in human behaviour and might help to limit some of man's negative impact on the world around us.

Dr Barnes has been nominated as a Rising Star by Professor Jenny Nelson from Imperial College London.