Professor Paul Beasley

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Organisation: Siemens CT TIP Technology and Concepts
Tags: Advisor


Prof Paul Beasley has been Siemens plc Head of R&D UK since 2014, with responsibility for managing and developing research network in the UK. The role includes identifying research opportunities to support its business sector strategies, developing and promoting awareness across Siemens of UK research network capabilities, the management of Siemens AG university initiatives in the UK and the support of Siemens global talent acquisition initiative.

Paul has been with Siemens for 26 years and was previously Head of Strategic Development, for Siemens Technology and Concepts Group from 2008, responsible for identifying new technologies and concepts for Siemens AG's future portfolio, developing relationships with key universities in support of these developments. He joined Oxford Magnet Technology in 1999 from Oxford Instruments, initially heading the Magnet Design and Applications Team and then was appointed Deputy Engineering Director/Strategic Development Manager when Siemens acquired the business. During this time he developed the magnet concepts for the Magnetom Espree and Essenza for which he was awarded Senior Principal Innovator status within Siemens AG.