Dr Paul Richmond


Photo of Paul Richmond

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Job title: Research Software Engineering Fellow
Division: Department of Computer Science
Organisation: University of Sheffield
Tags: Fellowship: RSE Fellowship, Researcher, University of Sheffield
Related theme: Engineering ICT


Dr Richmond has a focus of facilitating the use of accelerator architectures such as GPUs to accelerate scientific discovery. He is developing software techniques, a provision of skills and training material and building a community to help drive the use of accelerators into mainstream science and engineering.

My Fellowship

The term of Research Software Engineer (RSE) refers to the position of a software engineer applying software skills to further research. My career as an academic researcher has always been focused on the development of software to support research, predominantly through the application of emerging hardware architectures to complex systems simulation. My technical expertise in GPU computing has led me to work more broadly, engaging with researchers in a wide range of domains to embed accelerated and GPU computing into their research ecosystems. My background in independent research means that I self identify as a RSE with a strong emphasis on research relating to the application of GPUs.

The focus of my EPSRC RSE fellowship reflects this in that I aim to provide the following...

  • Software: I will actively develop the FLAME and FLAME GPU software packages allowing a broad range of research domains simulating complex systems to automatically target GPU and HPC infrastructure without having to have explicit knowledge of parallelism.
  • Skills and Training: I will provide training for GPU computing. This will include undergraduate training, short courses and focused industry led training sessions. This will enable people to utilise GPU parallelism to accelerate their research
  • A Community: I will provide research software consultancy to researchers fostering a ecosystem of co-production to build a team of GPU aware research software engineers. I will endeavour to provide strong national leadership and link existing GPU communities.

Career benefits of Fellowship

Dr Richmond is actively involved in collaborative projects that provide research computing and simulation as a service. His unique skillset, developed by working in a highly competitive academic environment, means he is equipped to act as an interface between academia and service support in a collaborative capacity. His understanding of the research funding landscape will enable him to support the developing Sheffield RSE consortium through a programme based on long-term collaborative working with academics on computational science projects.