Dr Mike Colechin

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Job title: Energy Innovation Specialist
Organisation: Cultivate Innovation Ltd
Tags: Energy, SATs and other advisory groups
Related theme: Energy

Dr Mike Colechin is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with wide experience of innovation in the transport and energy sectors.  He is the founder and owner of Cultivate, an organisation that consults in academia, firms, and not-for-profits to deliver strategies that drive innovation forward and engage project stakeholders in creative ways.  He is also a co-founder of Heuristic a joint venture to design and run training games that engage business, government and academic audiences in unique learning experiences.

Mike is deeply engaged in low carbon energy innovation in the UK and sits on a range of advisory boards in addition to the UKRI Scientific Advisory Committee.  He is also a member of UKRI’s Peer Review College, often chairing review panels for the Research Councils.‚Äč

Prior to setting up Cultivate, Mike was Partnership Manager at the Energy Technologies Institute - a £400M public-private partnership between UK government and six large private sector companies.  He directly supported the organisations delivering low carbon energy innovation, communicating project outputs to inform policy makers, and building investor and industry confidence in these new approaches.

Earlier in his career Mike spent fifteen years at E.ON, the last five years of this in the role of R&D Partnership Manager. Mike had responsibility for the development of a network of external relationships with industry, the public sector and academics who acted as partners and suppliers for internal R&D Programmes.  For his first ten years at E.ON, Mike was a combustion engineer, providing technical support for electricity generation assets.