Dr Melanie Bailey

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Job title: Senior Lecturer
Division: Chemistry
Organisation: University of Surrey
Tags: Early Career Forum, Fellowship: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Researcher, University of Surrey


I am a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Analysis from the University of Surrey. I have developed forensic applications for Ion Beam Analysis and mass spectrometry techniques for many years, working with a number of law enforcement agencies.

My Fellowship

In this fellowship I aim to develop a new toolbox of techniques that can be used for tissue, cellular and sub-cellular analysis of metabolites and proteins. This toolbox will be used alongside ion beam analysis techniques that can image trace elements. The aim is to provide a more comprehensive view of biological samples.

I had a big idea! I felt frustrated that no one in the ion beam community internationally was doing anything with multimodal imaging - I felt that as an international community, we were missing a trick - the opportunity to link together elemental and molecular imaging techniques, particularly since they now operate on similar length scales.

A fellowship will give me the chance to consolidate without being distracted by teaching, admin and proposal writing. I am really excited to have the opportunity to focus on doing the thing I love most about my job.