Megan Bickle


Photo of Megan Bickle

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Division: Fluid Dynamics Centre for Doctoral Training
Organisation: University of Leeds
Tags: RISE: Connector, University of Leeds

Currently in her second year in the Fluid Dynamics Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) at the University of Leeds, Megan's PhD research centres on the interaction of environmental wind shear and moist convection in the West African Monsoon. The motivation for this research lies in improving weather forecasts for the intense storms that make up the monsoon and are responsible for 90% of the region's rainfall. Most current climate models predict stronger wind shear for this region in the future, the impact this will have on the region's weather will be investigated.

Megan obtained a Master's degree in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Manchester. While at Manchester she co‐chaired the Oxfam Society. During this period, she organised several events including those to raise awareness of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. The aim was to create as much positive media attention as possible, which culminated in an interview on the BBC Politics Show.

After graduating she worked as an IT consultant for two years working for multinational companies before deciding to return to academia. She is passionate about promoting a better understanding of the nature of scientific research with politicians and the media and has recently taken over organising Leeds PubhD events where PhD students describe their research to a non‐expert audience.