Professor Lindsay Beevers

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Job title: Professor
Division: Institute of Infrastructure and Environment
Organisation: Heriot-Watt University
Tags: Early Career Forum, Fellowship: LWEC Fellowship, Researcher
Related theme: LWEC

I am a Civil Engineer and Associate Professor in Water Management at Heriot-Watt University. My research focuses on the impacts of hydrological extremes (floods and droughts - hydro-hazards) on society. Prior to Heriot-Watt I held an academic position at UNESCO-IHE in the Netherlands and worked as an engineer for Jacobs.

My Fellowship

Cities are the driver of regional, national and global economies. The complex inter-relationship between urban areas and their hinterlands is a vital aspect of a city's economic success. Hinterlands supply resources such as water, food and energy; while being economically-tied to the urban area through trade. Creating resilient, sustainable, water-secure cities depends on our understanding of the potential future risks of changing hydro-hazards (floods and droughts) and our ability to increase our resilience to them. To do this we need to capture future uncertainty in hydro-hazard events and cascade this through to hazard assessment. Simultaneously we need to appreciate the human response to these changing hazards and characterise urban vulnerability in order to design transformative resilience strategies.

Through my research I hope to explicitly quantify future urban hydro-hazard uncertainty in a changing climate and, using this understanding within a systems approach, design engineering and policy interventions to mitigate the risk arising from these uncertainties. With these advances I hope to improve urban living through enhanced resilience to hydro-hazards.

Motivation to Apply:

A fellowship offered the opportunity and space to develop my own research interests in a coherent manner and hence the potential to develop my career independently.

Career Benefits of Fellowship:

This fellowship gives me the freedom to develop my research and the time and space to do it. This will benefit my career by allowing me to build my profile, develop a research team and advance my career.

Advice for future applicants

If you have an idea, apply! Seek advice and support from your colleagues as it is invaluable. It is a long road, but it is totally worth it!