Dr Liam Blackwell

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Job title: Deputy Director - Cross Council Programmes
Organisation: EPSRC
Tags: Senior Staff

Liam Blackwell is Deputy Director for Quantum Technologies, with responsibility for our contribution to the UK's National Quantum Technologies Programme, for EPSRC's participation in the Clean Growth Challenge in the Industrial Strategy and ISCF.

Prior to this he was Head of the Quantum Technologies Theme at EPSRC from 2015-2018. From 2008 to 2017 Liam was the Head of the Information and Communications Technologies Theme at EPSRC, responsible for the EPSRC’s strategy for ICT research and training. Before joining the EPSRC in 2000, Liam Blackwell completed his PhD in material science at the University of Leeds and spent two years working at the technology centre of a Devon based clay mining company. At the EPSRC he has also worked in the Physics Programme team, Engineering Programme team and on delivery of the EPSRC's strategy for nanotechnology.

Outside of work Liam is a keen hiker and skier.