Dr Kevin Briggs

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Job title: Lecturer
Section / Team: Geotechnical Engineering
Organisation: University of Bath
Tags: RISE: Connector, University of Bath

I am a lecturer in geotechnical (ground) engineering. I want to find the best way to assess, preserve and strengthen our ageing transport infrastructure, so that it is fit for purpose in the 21st Century. I have undertaken field investigations, laboratory modelling and numerical simulations to better understand the behaviour of old (mainly Victorian) railway embankments, retaining walls and historic buildings.

My main research focus is to understand the underlying causes of degradation and failure in earthworks (cuttings and embankments) that support road and rail transport infrastructure. They are being impacted by the combined influence of ageing, heavier use and a changing climate.

Most recently my research has been supported by a RAEng Industrial Fellowship in 'railway infrastructure resilience' (2017/18) and the EPSRC-funded ACHILLLES project to understand the long-term deterioration of long linear geotechnical assets (2018-2022).