Mr Jonathan Legh-Smith

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Organisation: BT Group PLC
Tags: Advisor


Jonathan Legh-Smith directs BT's Strategic Research programme and manages BT's collaborative research partnerships with industry and academia. The Strategic Research programme addresses the longer-term opportunities and technical challenges facing the BT Group. BT's research partnerships include strategic engagement with select industry partners and international universities (including Cambridge University, MIT and Tsinghua University), and participation in UK and EU collaborative research programmes.

Jonathan was previously BT's Head of Standards, responsible for engagement in national and international standards organisations. Jonathan has contributed to a number of organisations including ISO, Ecma International, and The Object Management Group.

Jonathan's background is in technology strategy and IT-related research and was previously based in Silicon Valley, California as the VP, Technology for BT Technology & Innovation, working with early-stage technology companies and undertaking business development with BT's Business Units. Jonathan was also the UK Telecoms Expert on the interviewee panel for London's successful 2012 Olympics bid.