Dr Jonathan Ben-Artzi


jonathan ben artzi

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Job title: Senior Lecturer
Division: Mathematical Sciences
Organisation: Cardiff University
Tags: Cardiff University, Fellowship: Early Career Fellowship
Related theme: Mathematical sciences


After studying mathematics and physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jonathan moved to Brown University where he received his PhD in mathematics (2011). After spending time at Cambridge University (2011-2014), Imperial College London (2014-2016) and Durham University (2016), Jonathan is now a senior Lecturer at Cardiff University.

My Fellowship

The main goal of this project is to gain a better understanding of some of the fundamental physical phenomena that we observe on a daily basis. Many of these phenomena can be characterised by their spectrum -- a collection of numbers that can be thought of as the DNA of a given system. The two main objectives of this project are to study the density of the spectrum (this can then lead to an understanding of how fast the system evolves) and to quantify the degree to which it is possible (or impossible) to compute the spectrum with, say, a computer.

Motivation to Apply

The fellowship provides a unique opportunity for an early career researcher to jump-start their academic career. It allows me to focus on my research without having to worry about other obligations that we typically encounter in academia. Moreover, it allows me to build a group around me: this is a crucial step in gaining an international presence.

Career benefits of Fellowship

The opportunity to conduct uninterrupted research and to simultaneously build a group around me, will allow me to generate high quality research at a high pace. This will enhance my academic career enormously, at a crucial career stage.

Advice for future applicants

It is important to allow plenty of time for the preparation of the Fellowship proposal, and in particular to allow time to distill what it is that one wants to study for 5 years and ensure that this is an innovative and compelling topic.