Dr Jethro Browell

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Job title: Research Fellow
Division: Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Tags: Early Career Forum, Fellowship: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Researcher, University of Strathclyde


Jethro Browell is a Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde's Institute for Energy and Environment where his research interests span all aspects of energy forecasting and associated decision-making in electricity markets and power system operation. 

My Fellowship

As we decarbonise, our energy systems they are becoming increasingly weather dependent and interconnected. Large amounts of wind and solar power coupled with the electrification of heat and transport mean that managing energy supply and demand in the future will be more complex than ever.

This Innovation Fellowship aims to develop the next generation of energy forecasting methodologies for applications in power system operation and electricity markets. Working at the intersection of meteorology, statistics and engineering, predicting the interdependencies between energy resources in the minutes, hours and days ahead will unlock new opportunities for energy management. The tools developed here will help realise the benefits of flexible resources such as demand response and large batteries, while supporting the economic integration of renewable energy sources.

I am motivated by the global challenge of providing sustainable energy. A personal fellowship offered the opportunity for me to put my expertise to best use in pursuit of solutions to this challenge. 

This fellowship has given me the freedom to pursue an independent programme of research and begin build a research group.