Dr Jason Nurse

Jason Nurse

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Organisation: University of Oxford
Tags: RISE, RISE: Rising Stars, University of Oxford

Dr Nurse leads a research team at the University of Oxford investigating the issue of identity exposure to risk in cyberspace.

One of Dr Nurse's research aims is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the types of data currently shared in cyberspace and the types of possible attack given existing technical and social capabilities. Using this knowledge the team will seek to propose a set of approaches for individuals and organisations to mitigate such attacks and keep their identities safe in the cyber and physical worlds.

What has influenced your career path?

Possibly the greatest influence has been witnessing on the one hand the immense potential for new technology, but also the range of security and trust issues that first need to be solved. In the media, we constantly see reports of systems being breached, sensitive data being compromised and individuals at risk of fraud and identity theft. While some of this is undoubtedly linked to highly skilled malicious individuals, there is evidence that current security-system interfaces are neglecting their users and not being created to support usable security. With these issues in mind, I hope to help organisations to design interfaces to better protect themselves and to the public.

Dr Nurse has been nominated as a Rising Star by Professor Sadie Creese from the University of Oxford.