Professor Fernando Bresme


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Job title: Professor of Chemical Physics
Division: Department of Chemistry
Organisation: Imperial College London
Tags: Fellowship: Leadership Fellowship, Imperial College London
Related theme: Energy Engineering Physical Sciences


I am the Professor of Chemical Physics at Imperial College London. I was awarded an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship in 2011, and since 2012 I have also been Adjunct Professor of Computational Chemistry at NTNU. I am Committee Member of the Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group and Council Member of the Faraday Division.

My Fellowship

I was awarded a Leader Fellowship to set up a computer simulation and theoretical laboratory to investigate energy transport in nanoscale interfaces. There are many open questions on how energy is transported at nanometer length scales, characteristic of nano materials and molecular machines.

I am interested in the development of computational approaches to visualise and quantify energy transport at nanometer scales. These approaches can help to uncover novel physical principles that could be exploited to develop molecular-based devices for energy conversion.

Career benefits of Fellowship

The Fellowship is an excellent opportunity to focus on the development of a new area of research for an extended period of time. The Fellowship has enabled me to focus on the most challenging questions, and to set up a group of very talented researchers.