Dr Fabian Denner


fabian denner

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Job title: EPSRC Fellow
Division: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Organisation: Imperial College London
Tags: Fellowship: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Imperial College London, Researcher
Related theme: Engineering Physical Sciences


After graduating with a DIPL.-ING. (equivalent to MSc) in Automotive Engineering from the University of Stuttgart in 2009, I studied for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, focusing on interfacial flow modelling on unstructured meshes. I continued this work as a postdoctorate at Imperial College London.

My Fellowship

Two-phase flows occur frequently in nature and industrial applications, such as coastal engineering, land, air and marine propulsion, energy generation and in medical diagnostics and therapy. Many of these two-phase flows comprise essential interfacial transport mechanisms at microscale. Today, systems that comprise interfacial transport mechanisms and complex physicochemical phenomena at microscale are designed based predominantly on empirical observations, since a fundamental theoretical framework and associated predictive tools are not available.

During the course of my fellowship I will research conducts an in-depth study of unprecedented detail of the transport mechanisms that govern microscopic two-phase flows, including the development of pioneering numerical techniques in the remit of continuum mechanics to predict the complex behaviour of two-phase flows at the microscale. The capability to directly simulate two-phase flows at microscale will not only increase our fundamental understanding of the complex physics governing interfacial transport mechanisms at microscale, but will also enable engineers to build better devices and systems that rely on such flows.