Dr Andrew Brooke-Taylor

Photographic portrait of Andrew Brooke-Taylor

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Job title: EPSRC Early Career Fellow
Division: School of Mathematics
Organisation: University of Leeds
Tags: Fellowship: Previous Fellow, Researcher, University of Leeds
Related theme: Mathematical sciences


I have travelled the world pursuing my mathematics career - after growing up in northern Australia, I studied at the Australian National University, MIT, and the University of Vienna.  I held postdoctoral positions in Bristol and Kobe, and then was awarded my EPSRC fellowship, allowing me to return to the UK.

My Fellowship

I particularly wanted the fellowship in order to have the independence to pursue my interest in bringing together my two areas of expertise - set theory and algebraic topology. These are two areas of mathematics which previously have had essentially nothing to do with one another.  Set theory is a foundation for mathematics focused around the idea of a set of things, and is especially concerned with infinite sets.  Algebraic topology uses the tools of algebra to study spaces, and is usually couched in a framework emphasising maps between objects, called category theory.  Nevertheless, new connections have recently started to emerge between set theory and algebraic topology, using strong assumptions about infinity to deduce properties of spaces and the associated algebra.

With my expertise in set theory and algebraic topology I am uniquely placed to push forward research combining these areas, but it is only with the EPSRC Early Career Fellowship that I have had the time and intellectual independence to seriously pursue it.  The fellowship also provides me with the resources to visit collaborators around the world working in the two areas.

Career benefit of Fellowship

This fellowship has already had a huge effect on my career, as it helped me in getting my first permanent academic position, in Leeds.  Thanks to the research time and flexibility afforded by the fellowship, I am obtaining significant new mathematical results, which I believe is laying the foundation for my career to continue to flourish.

Advice to future applicants:

This fellowship programme supports big new ideas and ambitious research projects rather than incremental progress, so be bold!