Professor Dave Adams

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Division: Chemistry
Organisation: University of Glasgow
Tags: Fellowship: Early Career Fellowship, Researcher, University of Glasgow
Related theme: Physical Sciences


Dave Adams obtained his PhD from the University of York. After postdoctoral work at York, Leeds and Leicester, he worked within Unilever for four years. He joined the University of Liverpool in 2008 before moving to the University of Glasgow in 2016. His research involves self-assembly, gels, and conductive materials.

My Fellowship

The aim of the fellowship is to control the self-assembly of different gelling molecules to build up specific types of structure. Multicomponent gelling systems are rare and introduce significant complexity and questions: for example, do the components mix, specifically or randomly, or do they self-sort, to create assemblies of one pure component co-existing with pure assemblies of the other?

The aim is to be able to control how different molecules come together in water to form networks. The molecules we will use can assemble into one-dimensional structures, which (with the right design) can form conductive pathways. This work is directed towards controlling how multiple components assemble in the presence of each other. A particular challenge here is to guide multicomponent self-assembling systems across many length-scales, precisely positioning individual molecules or assemblies within well-organised, highly-ordered structures in order to achieve a reproducible, highly-controlled network. Such control is fundamental to achieving the ultimate goal of preparing a new type of solar cell.