Dr Catrin Williams


Portrait photo of Catrin Williams

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Job title: Sêr Cymru II Fellow
Division: School of Engineering
Organisation: Cardiff University
Tags: Cardiff University, Early Career Forum, Researcher
Related theme: Engineering

Catrin graduated from Cardiff University in 2008 with a BSc (Hons.) and in 2013 with a PhD, both in Microbiology. After spending 18 months in industry (Cultech Ltd.), she returned to Cardiff University in 2014 where she is now based at the School of Engineering as a Sêr Cymru II Fellow. Her work investigates the biological effects of microwaves.

As a result of her interdisciplinary experience, Catrin has developed the capacity to transpose her work across subjects in order to address important research themes, including antimicrobial resistance, biomedical imaging and microwave-based therapeutics and diagnostics.

She regularly communicates her work in journal publications, conference presentations, invited seminars, media interviews and outreach events. In recognition of her achievements, in 2017 she was selected as one of the Telegraph's Top 50 Women in Engineering and Wales Online’s Top 35 Young Business and Professional Women Under 35.