Dr Ben Mills

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Job title: Senior Research Fellow
Division: Optoelectronics Research Centre
Organisation: University of Southampton
Tags: Fellowship: Early Career Fellowship
Related theme: Manufacturing the future


My research interests include femtosecond laser machining, high-speed beam shaping and micro and nano-scale additive manufacturing.

My Fellowship

Lasers are a well-established tool for manufacturing, for size scales ranging from battleships to microscale devices. However, the shape of the laser beam is generally unchanged during machining. In this fellowship, I will be exploring the use of Digital Micromirror Devices, which are 2D arrays of several million individually controllable mirrors, to change the shape of EVERY laser pulse during machining, to enable high-speed, high-precision laser machining.

Specifically, I will be exploring the application of high-speed beam shaping for additive (the addition of material) and subtractive (the removal of material) manufacturing, for a range of UK partners, with applications across many disciplines, including photonics, 3D additive manufacturing and healthcare.

Career benefits of Fellowship

This fellowship will provide me with the time and resources I need in order to be able to fully dedicate myself to my research endeavours, and produce tangible benefit to the UK through my Project Partners.