Dr Anne Owen

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Job title: Research Fellow
Division: School of Earth and Environment
Organisation: University of Leeds
Tags: Fellowship: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Researcher, University of Leeds


I hold a BSc. in Geography and Mathematics (University of Sheffield) and an MSc. in GIS (University of Leeds).  I worked as a GIS and input-output analyst before starting my PhD (University of Leeds) comparing input-output models.  My post-doctoral research, with UKERC and CIEMAP, focussed on whole systems energy modelling.

Motivation to Apply

I felt that my interest in geodemographics and mathematical modelling expertise, gave me the ideal background to bring unique insights to the field of End Use Energy Demand research.  A post-doctoral fellowship within Energy Programme, which specifically promotes interdisciplinary challenges, would provide me with focussed time to dedicate to this important area of research and is an excellent opportunity for me to prove my leadership potential in this important and exciting area of work.

Career benefits of Fellowship

I am already making contributions to science and the research outlined in this fellowship will set the agenda for understanding future energy demand.  Access to the time series geodemographic data and the opportunity to restructure the UK government's energy demand model place me in a unique position to make important contributions to research and the prosperity of the UK.  This fellowship will place me, and the UK, at the cutting edge of end-use energy demand research and establish me as a world leader in this research area.

Advice for future applicants

An EPSRC fellowship is an excellent opportunity to have the chance of receiving dedicated time and funds to focus on an important and exciting research topic.  A fellowship can help you to make the leap to becoming an independent research leader and cement your position as an exciting individual in your field.  The application process is challenging and requires time and dedication.  My advice is to develop a research idea that you are utterly passionate about and seek out inspiring mentors.