Professor Andy Wright

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Job title: Strategic Technology Director
Organisation: BAE Systems CTO
Tags: Council

Professor Wright is the Strategic Technology Director for BAE Systems CTO organisation. In this role he is responsible for the Strategic Development of BAE Systems Technology Programme in the UK as well as supporting technology development across the global business.

He has been involved the development of new and novel technology for over 30 years with research experience in AI, Autonomy and Machine learning having taken visiting posts in academia, including at the Universities of Bristol and Caltech in the USA. He has been involved in the setting up a unique multinational programmes across the UK, USA, and Australia to exploit BAE Systems capability to develop new products in areas that included Autonomy, and Data Fusion and Analytics. He was also Director of the BAE Systems Open Innovation initiative (I3), a corporate venturing fund that invested in directly in SMEs.

Professor Wright is a Charted Engineer, was appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton in 2005 in Computer Science, and is a Member of the Royal Society College of Industrial Fellows and Fellow of the IET.