Professor Andy Crabtree

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Job title: Professor of Computer Science
Organisation: University of Nottingham
Tags: Advisor, SAN, University of Nottingham

A sociologist by background, I work in an interdisciplinary design context to shape computing systems around people and the social organisation of everyday life. My interest in computing began during my PhD, which focused on exploring the relationship between ‘ethnography’ (the situated study of human action and interaction) and the development of human-centred computing systems and applications.   My work has since spanned a variety of application domains including the workplace, creative industries, eScience, rural and digital economy, and the home. I was the first ethnographer to be honoured with the award of an Established Career Fellowship by the EPSRC and I hold the position of Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham. I believe strongly in shaping future technologies around those whose lives are affected by them – citizens – and building solutions that demonstrably respond to their interests, needs and concerns.