Dr Andrew Bourne

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Job title: Director - Partnerships
Organisation: EPSRC
Tags: Senior Staff

Andrew is Director of Partnerships and leads EPSRC's strategic interactions with key partners within the university, business, regional and international sectors to ensure the successful implementation of the EPSRC Delivery Plan and the contribution this brings to the wider objectives of UKRI.  Andrew is also responsible for EPSRC’s Impact agenda and our approach to Public Engagement.

Specifically Andrew has leadership of EPSRC’s:

  • relationship management activities with partner universities, and our regional offering;
  • participation in the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) Strength in Places Fund;
  • business engagement activities including working with and growing the number of partner companies and overseeing the EPSRC Business Engagement Forum;
  • approach to and exploring new bespoke ways of working on business relevant research-led activities and how best to accelerate impact from research and training investments;
  • contribution to the UKRI International strategy and how EPSRC partners in Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the Fund for International Collaboration (FIC);
  • approach to public engagement activities; and
  • ongoing development of its Delivery Plan/Strategic submissions (2019 – 2027) to UKRI.

Andrew has specific corporate oversight for our relationships with Imperial, UCL, Nottingham, the Funding Councils, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, NPL and is the Project Director for the Rosalind Franklin Institute.

Previously Andrew has led:

  • the University Relationship portfolio as Deputy Director
  • the Physical Sciences Capability theme commissioning research and training within the fundamental chemistry, physics, and materials portfolio
  • the Council’s postgraduate training portfolio
  • the grants processing team for Science
  • the Engineering Sector team (covering business engagement in the Aerospace and Defence, Energy, Construction, Environment & Water, and Manufacturing sectors)

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