Dr H Alicia Kim

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Division: Mechanical Engineering
Organisation: University of Cardiff
Tags: Cardiff University, Fellowship: Engineering Fellowship, Researcher
Related theme: Engineering


Professor H Alicia Kim received her BEng (Aeronautical) and PhD from the University of Sydney, Australia and was a Royal Academy of Engineering Anglo-Australia Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, UK before joining Bath in 2001 as a Lecturer. She is currently Professor in School of Engineering at Cardiff University. Her interests are primarily in topology optimization, material and structural optimization, coupled multiphysics optimization and multiscale design optimization with over 200 international publications, two books and several book chapters.

My Fellowship

My fellowship is at the heart of developing sophisticated computational methods to design material and structures in an integrated way for multifunctional structures. The challenges lie in crossing multiple scale, coupling multiple physics and large scale optimization. The primary application areas are in aerospace however the application areas have widened to many different physics fields.

My research approach is to represent the design problem as a set of mathematical functions and develop mathematical and computational methods to find the optimum solution. The methods will therefore, find the optimum design for both materials and structural configurations. The outcome of this fellowship will provide engineers with a sophisticated tool to design complex aircraft structures. The tools will be developed and disseminated in a way that they can be used on a range of other complex multifunctional systems.

The uniqueness of my research enabled by the fellowship has placed me in the positions to influence and shape the future of complex engineering systems in aerospace, particularly in the area of integrated material-structural systems. I am a founding member of the new steering committees in American Institute of Aeronautical and Aerospace (AIAA), Digital Engineering Integration Committee (DEIC) and Integrated Computational Material and Structures (ICME) working group, representing optimization. I was invited to be the expert contributor on optimization in NASA Vision 2040: A Roadmap for Integrated, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Materials and Systems.

Motivation to Apply

I am passionate about the long term vision of integrated multifunctional material and structural systems to revolutionize the way we do engineering today. The fellowship allows to take the leap forward in the technical research and also enable me to take the leadership in this field to create the new interdisciplinary community. I believe the potential benefit is huge and that the fellowship will bring this future forward by decades.

Career benefits of Fellowship

The fellowship allows me to focus on the long-term vision and take flexible approaches to enable the huge range of challenges. It provides me with time to focus on making the scientific advances to demonstrate the potential benefits and engage in activities to shape and steer the international aerospace community. I am excited to be making changes to our future through engineering research.