Dr Adam Barrett

photographic portrait of Dr Adam Barrett

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Job title: EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Division: Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science and Department of Informatics
Organisation: University of Sussex
Tags: Fellowship: Previous Fellow, Researcher
Related theme: Mathematical sciences


Adam’s research develops mathematical methods for studying the neural basis of consciousness. Complexity and information theory are central to the research. He is based at the multi-disciplinary Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex. He got his PhD in string/M-theory at Oxford

My Fellowship

The unifying theme of my career is the application of mathematics to the most fundamental questions in science. My EPSRC fellowship will help establish me at the forefront of quantitative approaches to consciousness. Specifically I combine mathematics, statistics and computation to enhance our understanding of what is distinct about the neural structures, dynamics and functions that give rise to our subjective experience. I consider complexity crucial to this, and a major focus is on the development of measures that quantify complexity according to the extent of simultaneous generation and integration of information in network dynamics. My work combines theory and simulations with analyses of human electrophysiology data.

My EPSRC fellowship is providing vital support for me to gain academic independence. For instance, it has supported me to spend two terms abroad at the Massimini Laboratory in the University of Milan, a centre renowned internationally for empirical work on consciousness following traumatic brain injury (coma). I have gained access to several top quality datasets from both patients and healthy volunteers, recorded during a wealth of different conscious states, for example wakeful resting, deep sleep, dreaming, vegetative state, and epileptic seizure.