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Profiles of people associated with EPSRC including Fellows, Council members and EPSRC staff. Please use the filters to customise the listing on this page.

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Andrew's main responsibility is to lead EPSRC's strategic interactions with the university sector who deliver much of the research outcomes commissioned via our Delivery Plan.

Amanda is an Associate Director at EPSRC. She is responsible for EPSRC's Balancing Capability strategy which aligns our research portfolio, and each of the contributing research areas, to areas of UK strength and national importance.

Paul took up the post of EPSRC Chair in April 2012 for four years, and was reappointed in April 2016 for a further two years. He is a fellow and Council Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and the Energy Institute. He retired from E.ON December 2011.

Gavin's main responsibilities will be to support financial decision-making within EPSRC. Acting as an interface between Council and UKRI to ensure that the Council's financial needs are met.

Philip Nelson served from 2005-2013 as Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton, with particular responsibility for Research and Enterprise. He previously served as Director of the University's Institute of Sound and Vibration Research and as Director of the Roll-Royce University Technology Centre in Gas Turbine Noise.

Jane Nicholson is an Associate Director at EPSRC. Her current responsibilities cover EPSRC strategy on accelerating impact from the research portfolio supported by the EPSRC and overseeing EPSRC international relationships.

Kedar is an Associate Director and has responsibility for EPSRC's business and user engagement strategies. He also leads on the Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) strategy for EPSRC, working with partners in business, academia and government.

Adrian leads work on the organisation's business planning and reporting activities, and on governance, assurance, risk and administrative support services.

Tom Rodden is Deputy CEO of EPSRC. Tom has lead responsibility for the maintenance and development of relationships with key EPSRC external stakeholders and ensuring integration of all strategic stakeholder perspectives into the EPSRC programme. Working closely with the CEO he is responsible for the development of the EPSRC scientific strategy in line with Council direction and the strategy for its delivery.

Neil is responsible for the efficient and effective delivery of the EPSRC programme in line with its mission, strategic plan and delivery plan, ensuring the integration of all stakeholder perspectives into the EPSRC programme and ensuring that strategic plan goals are developed and delivered in line with EPSRC's overall strategy with a specific interest in the Balancing Capability strategy.

Alison leads the Building Leadership strategic plan goal which sets out our aspiration to invest in people with leadership potential at all career stages so they can make the maximum contribution, whether that be to universities, business, government or other research organisations.

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