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Over the past 25+ years at Pfizer I have been fortunate to have worked on a wide range of drug products (e.g Tikosyn, Vfend, Sutent, Macugen, Celzentry, Toviaz, Bosulif, Vizimpro, Lorviqua, Talzenna) and drug delivery technologies (Vfend IV, Caduet, and Viagra ODT) including IR and MR tablets and capsules, parenteral, oral liquid products, inhalation and paediatric dosage forms. 

Professor Jason Crain received his undergraduate degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and PhD from the University of Edinburgh where he later held the Chair of Applied Physics. He concurrently held senior management and executive positions (Head of Physical Sciences and Executive Director of Research) at the UK's National Physical Laboratory from 2007-2016.

Raechelle D'Sa is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Liverpool.  Her research involves the design of biomaterial interfaces for antimicrobial and tissue engineering applications. 

Jeremy Frey is Professor of Physical Chemistry and head of the Computational Systems Chemistry Group at the University of Southampton. 

Professor Winfried Hensinger is a Professor of Quantum Technologies at the University of Sussex where he heads the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group and the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies. Hensinger work on developing practical quantum computers and portable quantum sensors. Hensinger is also chairman and chief scientist of Universal Quantum, a full stack quantum computing company. 

Sandrine Heutz is a Reader in Functional Molecular Materials at Imperial College London.

Alastair Hibbins is a Professor in Metamaterial Physics at the University of Exeter.

Izzy is a UKRI Future Leader Fellow based in the University of Sheffield and develops new optical microscopy methods to visualise the building blocks of life at single-molecule detail.

Paul Jenkins has worked for Unilever for 21 years.  In that time he has worked on technology for numerous different categories including Deo, Hair, Household Care, Laundry, Oral and Skin.

Victoria joined Mondel─ôz International 16 years ago where, having run both analytical laboratories and a research team with a focus on the Physical Sciences, she now has responsibility for the Open Innovation Agenda for Europe.

Ji-Seon Kim is Professor of Solid State Physics and Director of the EPSRC-funded Plastic Electronics Centre for Doctoral Training at Imperial College London.

Owen heads the Performance Materials Venture Fund for Merck.

Dr Morrison is a Senior Lecturer and EPSRC Early Career Fellow at Loughborough University. Her research interests include magnetic thin films, spintronics, energy harvesting, magnetocalorics, and superconductivity.

Steve Simon is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oxford with interests in condensed matter, topological order, and quantum computing. Previously he was a research department head at Bell Laboratories.

Iain Thayne is Professor of Ultrafast Systems in the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

Bob Tooze is Managing Director of Drochaid Research Services Ltd. Since completing a degree and PhD in Chemistry at Imperial College London, Bob has spent over 33 years in the Chemical Industry in various companies (ICI, Ineos, Sasol) and locations but always in Research. In 2017 he led the establishment of Drochaid Research Services Ltd., a contract R&D company in the fields of catalysis and materials science.

Andy Wilson carried out a PhD with Prof David Leigh FRS (Warwick) and postdoctoral research with Prof Andrew Hamilton FRS (Yale) then Profs Bert Meijer and Rint Sijbesma (Eindhoven) Andy joined University of Leeds (UoL) in 2004 and was promoted to Professor in 2012. He has wide-ranging interests within the fields of supramolecular chemical biology and materials science.

Anatoly Zayats is a Professor of Experimental Physics and a head of Photonics and Nanotechnology at King’s College London. He is currently a Co-Director of the London Centre for Nanotechnology and the London Institute of Advanced Light Technologies.

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