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Dr Rebecca Boston is a Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Dr. Alexandra Brintrup is Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department and is leading the Manufacturing Analytics Research within the Institute for Manufacturing.

Rebecca Cain is an Associate Professor and leads the multi-disciplinary Experiential Engineering research group in WMG at the University of Warwick. Her expertise is the involvement of users in co-design process for products, environments and services across the automotive, healthcare, energy and rail sectors.

Jérôme Charmet is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Digital Healthcare, WMG, University of Warwick. He received the Diplôme d'Ingénieur in Microtechnology Engineering from HES-SO Arc in Switzerland in 1998, the MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Bern, Switzerland, in 2010, and the PhD degree from the University of Cambridge in 2015. Overall, he worked for more than 10 years in both industrial and academic positions, including Intel Corporation, the National Centre for Sensor Research of Dublin City University in Ireland and the Microtechnology Institute of HES-SO Arc in Switzerland.

Adam joined the University of Nottingham as a Lecturer in January 2010 after completing both PhD and postdoctoral research at the University of Liverpool. Since then he has undertaken fellowships at the University of Tokyo, Rolls-Royce and the High Value Catapults (AMRC/MTC). In 2017 he was appointed as Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and also holds a Lik Dak Sum Chair at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus.

Dr Vimal Dhokia is an Assistant Professor in Engineering Design in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, specialising in the interface between design and manufacture.

Dr Kate Goldsworthy gained her PhD in Textile Design for the Circular Economy in 2012 from the University of the Arts London where she is now a Reader with the Textile Futures Research Centre. Her research focus is sustainable design, new finishing and production technologies and material innovation for the textile industry.

Dr Colin Hare joined the University of Surrey as a lecturer in Chemical Engineering in February 2016. He obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds in 2010, where he developed a method to predict particle breakage during agitated drying of crystallised solids.

Dr Louise Horsfall is a Senior Lecturer and synthetic biologist at the University of Edinburgh. She began her career as a chemist at the University of Oxford before moving to Liège (Belgium) to study biochemistry gaining her PhD in 2007. This was followed by postdoctoral research at the Universities of Leeds and Glasgow.

Yan is a senior lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen's University Belfast.

Dr Laura Justham completed her first degree in Physics in June 2003 and moved into a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering and more specifically in Integrated Manufacturing Systems, which she graduated from in 2007. She undertook a number of PDRA positions in manufacturing systems research; electronics manufacturing and embedded technologies, before the commencement of her lectureship at Loughborough University in 2012.

Dr. BC Eric Kim gained his MSc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). In 2010, he joined ACCIS (Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science) based in Aerospace Engineering Department of Bristol University as a Research Associate.

Dr Bradley Ladewig completed his Bachelor and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland in Australia. After postdoctoral positions in France and Australia he took up a Lectureship at Monash University in 2009, and then moved to Imperial College London as a Senior Lecturer in 2015.

Qianqian Li is a lecturer in Composites in the Aeronautics Department at Imperial College London since 2013.  She received her PhD in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh in 2007. She then did her post-doc at the University of Erlangen in Germany and was leading the research in the area of nanoparticle reinforced light metal composites.

Dr Chee Tong John Low specialises in ‘Electrochemical Manufacturing’ and ‘Applied Electrochemistry’. He joined WMG as Assistant Professor (2013) and leads research in Energy for Low Carbon Vehicles. He was trained as a Chemical Engineer (Bath, BEng 2004), then Electrochemist (Southampton, PhD 2007) and pursued postdoctoral activities (2007-13) at the Southampton Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory.

Dr Helen Mitrani is a Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Newcastle University and a Chartered Engineer.

Iain received his PhD in 2004 from University of Edinburgh followed by two years at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility on beamline ID27 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. In 2006 he went back to Edinburgh as a PDRA before becoming a lecturer at University of Strathclyde in 2009.

Eujin’s research interest focuses on Functionally Graded Additive Manufacturing (FGAM) that falls under the EPSRCs theme of Manufacturing the Future. FGAM uses Additive Manufacturing processes to produce functional parts, establishing a radical shift from contour modelling to performance modelling.

Alberto Pirrera is a Senior Lecturer in Composite Structures at the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Bristol, where he received his PhD and where he is a member of the Advanced Composites Centre (ACCIS). He obtained his MSc in Aerospace Engineering at Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy.

Dr Qasim Rafiq is a Senior Lecturer at University College London in Bioprocess Engineering and has been working in the field of cell and gene therapy, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering for  more than 10 years.

As Operations Manager for an EPSRC-MRC funded CDT in regenerative medicine (Keele-Nottingham-Loughborough) Paul also sits on the UK Society for Biomaterials Council and the Exec Committee for the Royal Society of Chemistry Biomaterials Chemistry group.

Dr Manish K Tiwari is a Lecturer in UCL Mechanical Engineering. His UCL team, Nanoengineered Systems Laboratory, seeks to harness cross-disciplinary expertise and collaborations in micro/nanoscale thermofluidics, sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing, material science and medicine for high-impact research.

Nik is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham. He has a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hull (2005) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds (2010). He spent four years as a researcher in the Food Physics Research Group at the University of Leeds before joining the University of Nottingham in 2014. 

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