University interactions

It is important to us to have effective arrangements in place for interfacing with universities. Interaction takes place in a range of ways depending on the general level of engagement different universities have with us and our funding portfolio.

Interactions take place via a range of mechanisms, as well as strategic partner university agreements, other external interactions include specific research programme visits, regional meetings and events, and engagement with our Portfolio managers. We also have strong links with universities through our Advisory bodies and also engage with universities in operational areas such as peer review policy and with our building leadership teams responsible for co-ordinating training activities.

We are committed to funding the best research and training in whichever university it is to be found, and will continue dialogue and information sharing with all universities.

Strategic partner framework agreements

EPSRC invests the majority of its funds in UK Universities and as a consequence we work closely with University sector to deliver our strategies and portfolio of research. EPSRC operates a tiered approach to our strategic partner university agreements, further information on these and our current partners can be found below.

Membership of these tiers is reviewed every three years with the next review due in 2020.