Lead Agency agreement with Sao Paulo Research Foundation

EPSRC is now accepting joint proposals under the lead agency agreement between the Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil, and UK Research and Innovation to encourage and support proposals that involve international collaborative teams.

Under the lead agency agreement, a single joint proposal from applicants in both countries is submitted to EPSRC and processed according to EPSRC's standard peer review procedures. Successful UK-based research groups will be funded by EPSRC and Sao Paulo-based research groups will be funded by FAPESP.

Joint applications to this programme will be accepted at any time. Joint applications should follow standard EPSRC format, but applicants should review the following guidance documentation carefully for specific instructions regarding additional information and documentation that must be included.

An overview of the application procedure is given below.

Prior to submission

EPSRC will accept joint applications for Standard Research Grants at any time; however, potential applicants to the joint EPSRC-FAPESP funding opportunity should submit an Expression of Interest using the form below a minimum of three months prior to the planned submission date to allow EPSRC and FAPESP to ensure that applicants meet their respective funding organisation's eligibility requirements and that the proposed research falls within their remits.

 Submission of joint proposal

  • Full proposals will only be accepted with prior agreement of EPSRC and FAPESP following the submission of an Expression of Interest.
  • Except where indicated otherwise, joint applications should follow standard EPSRC format; no additional pages will be permitted.
  • The title of all applications submitted under this partnership must begin with EPSRC-FAPESP
  • A single joint proposal should be submitted to EPSRC via Je-S with the UK applicants designated as Principal and Co-Investigators and the Sao Paulo applicants designated as project partners. Please ensure that you include the applicant track record and scientific case for both components of the project in your case for support.
  • A section on the Sao Paulo applicant(s) must be included in the Track Record section of the Case for Support document.
  • The total direct costs requested by the Sao Paulo applicants from FAPESP should be included in the Je-S form as a cash project-partner contribution.
  • The Justification of Resources document must include a section on the costs requested by the Sao Paulo-based research groups, making it clear which costs will be funded by FAPESP and which costs will be funded by EPSRC if the application is successful.
  • The Sao Paulo-based researchers must submit a copy of the proposal through FAPESP's SAGe submission system concurrently to the UK Je-S application and according to FAPESP's guidelines.

Please note that reviewers' comments and the PI response to reviews will be shared with FAPESP once the funding decision has been made.

Sao Paulo researchers can refer to and/or contact UK Research and Innovation for further information.