International agreements

We work with partners in the UK and abroad to help researchers and research organisations to get maximum value from international collaborations and opportunities. As well as undertaking joint funding activities in strategically important areas, we seek to put in place agreements with research funding organisations overseas where opportunities present themselves.

'Money follows Researcher' initiative - Science Europe

We have signed an agreement under the auspices of Science Europe to allow researchers to transfer grants between the UK and other Science Europe member countries, subject to UKRI-agreed conditions.

Lead agency agreements

Lead agency agreements provide a framework for joint peer review of proposals by two funding agencies in different countries. One organisation takes the lead in managing the review process, with an agreed level of participation by the other, and both agencies accept the outcome of the review process and fund the costs of the successful applications in their respective countries.

Through UKRI we have a lead agency agreement with Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR) in Luxembourg.