Our beginnings

Science Research Council (SRC) 1965 - 1981

SRC was formed in 1965 to address issues highlighted by the Trend Committee to do with the organisation of civil science in the UK. Previously the Minister for Science had been responsible for defining research activities and the Treasury made decisions about the priority for funding

Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) 1981 - 1994

SERC was formed in 1981 to reflect the increased emphasis on engineering research and was responsible for all publicly-funded scientific engineering and research activities, including astronomy, biotechnology and biological sciences, space research and particle physics in the UK.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) 1994 - Present

SERC was split into discipline specific areas after a report (available below) carried out by the then Director General of the Research Councils in 1993. This resulted in the formation of EPSRC by Royal Charter in 1994. A Supplemental Charter was granted in 2003.

Formation of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) 2018 - Present

Established on 1 April 2018 by the Higher Education and Research Act 2017, UKRI brought nine organisations into one unified body.