Science Engineering and Technology Board

The Science, Engineering and Technology Board (SETB) uses scientific and technological insight to identify and champion bold new research challenges at the cutting edge of engineering and physical sciences for future investment.

The SETB is intended to:

  • Provide advice and scientific guidance to the EPSRC Executive regarding identification of priority areas and positioning of areas for future critical mass investments e.g. Centres of Excellence and Institutes
  • Develop and maintain an overview of a pipeline of ideas to identify strategic opportunities for additional funding streams, including NPIF funds such as ISCF and SPF
  • Assess and prioritise ideas for Council consideration, providing scientific assurance
  • Enable the Executive to make informed recommendations to Council on scientific priorities
  • Understand the benefits and scientific outputs of our large investments by, for example, interacting with EPSRC researchers to identify exciting science stories and breakthroughs, using this to inform future priorities, and by taking an independent advisory oversight of the EPSRC Institutes
  • Champion multi-disciplinary and emerging scientific research challenges
  • Work with EPSRC and its other advisory bodies, including the Theme Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs) to make the case for fundamental, discovery research, helping to identify and publicise scientific breakthroughs in the EPS domain
  • Work across UKRI councils to identify cross-council opportunities and priorities
  • Help with two-way communication between EPSRC and the research community