EPSRC are seeking new members from across EPSRC's stakeholder groups for the Strategic Advisory Network (SAN), to provide credible advice and strategic insight into EPSRC policy development at a cross-cutting level. Applications for the SAN are currently live and the closing date is 16:00 on the 23 November.

To apply for the SAN please fill in the application form using the link below.

Strategic Advisory Network (SAN)

The Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) provides the EPSRC Executive with advice and guidance on EPSRC policy development at a cross-cutting level and makes appropriate recommendations to EPSRC Council. The SAN is a flexible resource, enabling the Executive to obtain the advice required in a timely fashion, drawing on a range of perspectives from across EPSRC's key stakeholder groups including academia, business, third sector and Government.

The role

The role of the network is to:

  • Provide advice in helping EPSRC to develop new cross-cutting strategies
  • Provide an appropriate environment for testing new ideas
  • Provide a means of two-way dialogue with the research and user communities on topical issues, including EPSRC strategy.

Members are drawn from the breadth of EPSRC’s stakeholder group. They are expected to bring a broad strategic view and to act as ‘generous generalists’, advising our portfolio. Members are not required to act as representatives of their own organisation, research area or sector and are expected to adhere to the Seven Principles of Public Life.

Applications will be assessed based on the evidence presented in their applications which addresses the person specification. For advice on how to present evidence against the criteria mentioned, a helpful guide is available on the UK Government Competency Framework Guidance

Role and Person Specification

Applications are sought from candidates who can bring a broad strategic view and act as ‘generous generalists’, provide credible advice and strategic insight into EPSRC policy development at a cross-cutting level. Members are not required to act as representatives of their own organisation, research area, or sector and are expected to adhere to the Seven Principles of Public Life.

The specific requirements sought in the person specification are:

  • Proven experience in developing and implementing strategy or policy in an academic, business, government or other research-intensive environment
  • Be able to demonstrate working in a flexible and adaptable multi-stakeholder environment with EPSRC, other UKRI councils or similar organisations to develop, test and constructively challenge policy
  • Experience of representing the views of the research, innovation and business community, and facilitating two-way communication between the community and EPSRC, other research councils or similar organisations
  • Willingness to dedicate sufficient time to the role and backing/support from your organisation. Please refer to the terms of reference

Members of the SAN will be invited to join both formal and informal workstreams (task and finish groups). These can cover a range of strategies and policies within EPSRC and we are looking to recruit SAN members with a diverse range of skills. Skills / experience in at least one of the following areas may be valuable:

  • Responsible innovation and ethics
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • International funding agencies and development
  • Place, regional funders and engagement
  • Research mobility
  • Studentships and training
  • Innovation, technology transfer and commercialisation
  • Futures studies / techniques to anticipate opportunities and challenges


Appointments to the SAN will usually be for up to four years. All appointments from this recruitment exercise will begin with effect from 1 March 2021.

Members will be invited to join both formal and informal work streams (task and finish groups) throughout their time on the SAN. Members are expected to attend the annual meeting of the entire SAN.

It is expected that SAN members will need to commit between four and ten days to SAN work per year. Every effort will be made to support remote participation to SAN activities, if this is appropriate, and to take into account flexible and part-time working. EPSRC has developed guidelines to highlight the support available to researchers with caring responsibilities. Members are paid a fee for each activity they are involved with and, when attending meetings in person, are reimbursed for travel and subsistence expenses.

Please see the SAN Terms of Reference for further details.


We are committed to a policy of equal opportunities, and encourage applications from women, those with a disability, members of ethnic minority groups, and other groups who are currently under-represented on EPSRC’s boards.

We would particularly hope to continue improving the gender balance of the boards in keeping with EPSRC's overall goal of achieving at least 40% participation of women (as the underrepresented group) in EPSRC strategic bodies.

Application Process

EPSRC are looking to recruit up to 10 -15 members in this exercise, with a diverse range of expertise and experience in research and innovation from across EPSRC’s stakeholder groups, including, academia, business, Government and the third sector. The SAN will include an appropriate balance of expertise from different organisations as well as reflecting a diverse mix of individuals and backgrounds. The current SAN membership and SAN terms of references can be found on the EPSRC website.

Applications for the SAN should be made through the application form on the EPSRC website before 16:00 on 23 November 2020.

Applications are sought from individuals who feel they are able to meet the requirements set out above. There are four parts to the application, which are detailed below:

  • Applicant details: Basic information and contact details, including title, name, current position, organisation, telephone number and email address.
  • Skills, knowledge and experience: Questions which capture why you would be suitable as a member of the SAN, based on the selection criteria.
  • Curriculum Vitae: A CV (no longer than 2 A4 pages) containing details of your professional qualifications, research, work experience, and/or other relevant experience to date.
  • Equal Opportunities information: EPSRC operates a policy of equality and fair treatment. All applications will be treated fairly, regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin or disability. To help us achieve this aim the information from this section helps us to monitor the effectiveness of our policy. Individuals are asked to supply equal opportunities information which will not be used to determine an applicant’s fit to the essential criteria but will be used to consider a balance of gender across the SAN, after the initial sift.

Applications will be assessed solely on the information provided in the application, with the focus of the assessment on the answers to the questions provided. Please use this space to provide as much evidence as possible of your previous experiences. CVs will only be used for reference if further information is needed.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (EU) (GDPR), the personal information provided on this form will specifically be used for the purpose of administering this form and aggregated anonymised data will be used for the purposes of monitoring our advisory and decision making bodies. Analysis of the information will be viewed by EPSRC staff only and personal information will not be used for any other purpose without your specific consent.

For further information on how your information will be used, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, please contact the UK Research and Innovation Information Rights Team.

The closing date for applications is 16:00 on 23 November 2020. We expect applicants to strictly adhere to the text limitations set out in the application form. If it is considered necessary we will approach candidates for further information and/or clarification.

Selection Process

The selection process will consist of two steps:

Step 1 - Candidates will be assessed against the essential criteria internally at EPSRC. The following will be considerations when making appointments:

  1. Match to the essential criteria in the person specification, based solely on the evidence provided; with the focus of the assessment on the answers to the questions. CVs will only be used for reference if further information is needed.
  2. Out of applications meeting the essential criteria, steps will be taken to ensure diversity of membership from across EPSRC’s stakeholder groups, with a balance of expertise and institutional representation, and a consideration of gender.

Step 2 - A sub-committee of Council, the Appointments Assurance Committee (AAC), will be asked to check that the appropriate processes have been followed by the Executive prior to appointment of SAN members.

The outcomes of the selection process will be announced following step 2; by at least the end of February 2021.

Key Dates



Closing date

23 November

Shortlisting Panel

Week commencing 7 December

EPSRC Senior Leadership Board selection meeting

January 2021

Appointments Assurance Committee

January 2021

Applicants informed of decisions

February 2021


If you require further information on the vacancies or the work of the SAN, please contact:

  • Dr Jessica Bonham  
    Senior Manager  Governance & Planning Team