Strategic Advisory Network

The Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) provides the EPSRC Executive with strategic advice to assist us to develop, implement and modify plans, and to make appropriate recommendations to our Council. The Network is a flexible resource, enabling the Executive to obtain the advice it needs in a timely manner, drawing on a range of perspectives from across our key stakeholder groups including academia, business, third sector and Government.

The Network was established in June 2011, replacing the previous advisory bodies of the Technical Opportunities Panel, User Panel and Societal Issues Panel.

It is made up of around 30 prominent and highly regarded individuals from EPSRC's stakeholder groupings. The Network will most often be deployed in sub-sets, brought together to address specific questions on which the Executive requires advice, or to explore and test new strategies and policies as they are developed. All members are brought together for an annual meeting which usually takes place in September.

From time to time, this may involve the appointment of special advisors for advice on an area which is particularly timely. Within the SAN there will be a specific Special Interest Group that will focus on upstream societal issues and ethics. This group will work alongside and in conjunction with the SAN and will convene separately to discuss specific issues as appropriate.