Strategic Advisory Network membership

On a regular basis, EPSRC seeks applications from prominent business people, industrialists, academics and individuals working in the third sector and government organisations to join EPSRC's strategic advisory bodies. There is an annual recruitment exercise for the SAN and the next exercise is currently scheduled for towards the beginning of each year, which new members starting around July. Specific details of SAN recruitment exercises will be posted on our news and call sections of the EPSRC website.

In particular, applicants are sought from business representatives both from large and SM-type organisations, with a strong engineering and/or physical sciences background.

Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) provides the EPSRC Executive with strategic advice to assist in developing and modifying plans and to make appropriate recommendations to Council. The Network is a flexible resource enabling the Executive to obtain the advice required in a timely fashion, drawing on a range of perspectives from across EPSRC's key stakeholder groups including academia, business, third sector and Government.

Further details about SAN's precise role and responsibilities.