Information Systems Group

The Information Systems Group ensures the confidentiality, availability and integrity of EPSRC data, appropriate development, deployment and operation of information systems to support the delivery of Strategic Plan goals and EPSRC operations within the constraints on resources; to provide input and support to development, deployment and operation of related systems and to monitor progress.

The Information Systems Group comprises the Director Communications, Information and Strategy; Associate Director Impact; Associate Director Leaders; Associate Director Finance and Operations and Head of Information Steering Committee (ISC).

The responsibilities of ISC are:

  • To oversee information activities within EPSRC and approve EPSRC's information strategy.
  • To approve EPSRC's information systems strategy.
  • To allocate the budgets for information projects and activities.
  • To consider and, where appropriate, approve bids for information projects and activities.
  • To receive mid-year progress reports from funded information activities and to steer forthcoming work.
  • To receive management information and issue reports relating to the delivery of IS services (including ISS and information legislation compliance).
  • To oversee information security within EPSRC, including receiving bi-annual reports from the Information Security Officer.
  • To review the information risk register and to monitor progress of mitigating actions.