Governance Group

The Governance Group ensures that the structures, use of resources and relationships are consistent with public accounting standards. It has oversight of Annual report and Accounts; Business Critical projects including support for Resource Audit Committee of Council; compliance with laws and regulations, including Health and Safety, and the setting of internal financial and management controls.

The Governance Group comprises the CEO and individuals with accountabilities directly to the CEO covered by formal Management Statements – currently; Director Communications, Information and Strategy; Director Research Base; Director Business Innovation and the Associate Director Finance and Operations

The terms of reference for the EPSRC Governance Group are to:

  • Ensure effective organisational, operational and financial delegations and controls.
  • Provide reassurance to RAC and the CEO on relevant governance and operational issues.

The EPSRC Governance Group will:

  • Ensure effective organisational Risk Management.
  • Ensure implementation of actions from internal and external reviews (including, but not limited to Internal Audit, Scientific Reviews, External Audit).
  • Regularly review all aspect of organisational performance (including, but not limited to Financial, HR, H&S, Information Security and Compliance, Corporate KPI’s and the EPSRC scorecard).
  • Identify business critical projects, systems and processes.
  • Oversee production of statutory and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills required publications (including the Annual Report).
  • Oversee complaints and scientific misconduct.