Delivery Integration group

The Delivery integration Group(DIG) provides the leadership and management for the delivery of EPSRC’s strategic plan goals and delivery plan and application of effective stakeholder relationship management (Universities, Business and other Users).

Core members of DIG are: Director Science and Engineering, Director Strategy and Business Relationships, Associate Director Capability, Associate Director Leaders, Associate Director Impact

DIG reports to EPSRC Leadership Team, its responsibilities are to:

  • Set the overall priorities for delivery of themes, in line with strategic goals and corresponding stretch targets, and in the context of the Delivery Plan.
  • Deploy programme resource commitment budgets, including programme operations, in partnership with Finance, to achieve identified desired outcomes for the delivery of themes. This must be done within the overall balances agreed by Council and constraints identified in the implementation plan (of the Delivery Plan).
  • Deploy programme capital budgets to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Deploy any identified programme resources (resource and/or capital) to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Ensure integration of the portfolio to allow holistic direction and presentation of themes.
  • Agree theme plans and outcomes sought.
  • Evaluate what is being delivered, including reviewing theme performance.
  • Review processes for delivery in line with good governance practice.