EPSRC council

EPSRC Council consists of the Executive Chair and12 ordinary members. The Executive Chair is be responsible for the development and approval of the EPSRC Strategic Delivery Plan, and is responsible for delivery against the Plans.  The Executive Chair leads the Council and is supported and challenged by the Council’s members.  The 12 ordinary members are appointed by the Board, and the Executive Chair is be appointed by the Secretary of State. The precise role of the Council members is to:

  1. Support and challenge the Executive Chair to ensure the effective delivery of the Council’s mission. In particular:
    • Provide guidance, advice and make recommendations as appropriate on research, knowledge exchange, training and innovation to the Executive Chair and, if required, to the UK Research and Innovation Board. Where relevant this will include ensuring that the UK receives greatest benefit from its involvement in major international programmes;
    • Contribute to the development and implementation of the UKRI Research and Innovation Strategy[1];
    • Provide leadership in the development and delivery of the Council’s Strategic Delivery Plan.
  2. Prioritise funding distribution between the disciplines within EPSRC’s field of activity.
  3. Encourage collaborative working across the UK Research and Innovation Councils, and the wider research innovation and business community[2], in order to foster strategic relationships.

Senior Independent Member

One member of the Council is appointed as Senior Independent Member. Their role is to support the Executive Chair and to assure the Chair and the Board of the effective operation of the Council. The SIM also provides a route to escalate problems and concerns from within the Council independently to the Chair and the Board.

[1] Higher Education and Research Act 2017, paragraph 100, sub-paragraph 2a and 4

[2] This would naturally include civil society and third sector as appropriate