Terms of Reference

A sub-committee of council, to be called the Appointments Assurance Committee (AAC), will be responsible for confirming and ratifying all appointments to EPSRCs strategic advisory bodies Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) and Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs). In addition this sub-committee will also provide advice to council on its own composition and assist with the development of recruitment specifications for council vacancies.

Members of the sub-committee will be agreed by council. The sub-committee will comprise of the executive chair of EPSRC, the senior independent member (SIM) of council, and two other members of council. The executive chair of EPSRC will chair this sub-committee; in his absence the SIM Member will deputise.

The group will report directly to council and meet at least twice a year but can convene whenever deemed necessary. It will report directly to council following each meeting.

For appointments, the sub-group will consider and review recommendations proposed by the executive. In particular its role will be to consider and challenge the rationale for proposed appointments and to ensure that open, inclusive and transparent nomination and selection processes have been followed. In addition the sub-committee will be responsible for ensuring that due consideration has been given to diversity issues. Ethnicity, gender balance, career-stage, appropriate representation of industry/academia, location and institution will be taken into account. The committee will, as necessary, raise exceptions to recommendations made to it, where, for example, it believes that the stated processes have not been followed.